Dual Credit

What is dual credit?
Dual credit classes are taught at Tivy High School by high school staff.  Students receive high school and college credit at the same time.

What is the cost?
The classes are free.

How many can I take?
You may take up to two classes per semester.

What classes are offered?
For Fall 2016 - English 4 (ENGL 1301) and Business Information Management (ITSW 1301)

How do I sign up?
Click HERE to download and complete a consent form.

Apply to San Antonio College's dual credit program.  This will be completed at Tivy.
Use this link to prepare for the TSI exam:  http://net.alamo.edu/district/dept/academic-success/test-prep/index.htmlTake the TSI exam.  This will be completed at Tivy.

Contact Nancy Gawryszewski for more information.
257-2212 x 3541