WELCOME to the Tivy PTO! We are glad you are here! 

To join the Tivy PTO, click HERE for a membership form. This form is for the 2018-2019 school year and you are welcome to sign up now for next year! 

Meetings are held at 12 pm the first Thursday of every month in Room A121. Each meeting opens with a guest presenter representing the district, campus, or community. Meetings are only 1 hour long and because we value your time, every attendee's name is put “in the hat” for a chance to win a gift card or certificate. Join us these dates: 

2017-2018 Meetings; 12 pm First Thursday:

PTO Officers:

President - Michele Butler
Vice President - Cayce McCormick
Treasurer - Wendy Grona
Secretary - Nancy Freedle
Volunteer Coordinator - Karen Guerriero and Melanie Houdeshell
Membership - Natalie Secor