With multiple choirs at Tivy High School there is a place for anybody who loves singing.

Bel Canto
is comprised of women from all grade levels – those with some past choir experience to those who are in choir for the first time.  The variance in vocal and sight-reading skills and academic success is usually greatest amongst this group, so music literature is usually geared to strengthen and properly develop the skills necessary for healthy musical and vocal growth. Depending upon the need, there is usually an opportunity for placement in Cantorei in the spring, especially those who have demonstrated commitment and advanced skills.

is an auditioned group of females from all grade levels with past high school singing experience. They are expected to demonstrate good vocal and sight-reading skills, and maintain eligibility.  Those planning to audition for the Varsity choir in the future should pay close attention to the Varsity choir requirements.  The music literature for this group will challenge and broaden their knowledge and vocal skills in preparation of the Varsity Choir.

(Varsity) is an auditioned group of men and women, primarily juniors and seniors, along with a select number of sophomores.  Each student is expected to demonstrate well-developed vocal and sight-reading skills on a daily basis, maintain eligibility, and remain clear of all choir fees and fines.  Each member is also expected to participate in one of the following: T.M.E.A. Auditions, UIL Solo & Ensemble, or private voice lessons.  The music literature for this group is advanced and requires application of all musical skills acquired in the non-varsity choirs. The men may combine with Men’s Choir for performances and contests. The women may combine with Cantorei for performances and contests.

Men’s Choir
is comprised of men from all grade levels - those with past choir experience and those who are in choir for the first time.  The goal is to establish and develop the vocal, sight-reading and/or academic skills of some, while reinforcing and sharpening those same skills for others. The music literature for this group is geared toward developing the skills necessary for learning and performing more advanced literature.