WELCOME to the Tivy PTO! We are glad you are here! 

To join the Tivy PTO, click HERE for a membership form. 

Meetings are held at 12 pm the first Thursday of every month in Room A121. Each meeting opens with a guest presenter representing the district, campus, or community. Meetings are only 1 hour long and because we value your time, every attendee's name is put “in the hat” for a chance to win a gift card or certificate. Join us these dates: 

2016-2017 Meetings; 12 pm First Thursday:

September 1, October 6, November 3, December 1, January 5, February 2, March 2, April 6, May 4. Remember our meetings start at noon!

PTO Officers:

President - Paige Mixon
Vice President - Tracy Soldan
Treasurer - Wendy Grona
Secretary - Cayce McCormick
Volunteer Coordinator - Nancy Freedle
Membership - Hollis Uecker and Natalie Secor

Please contact Paige Mixon at if you have any questions.